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Gateway Finishers is a leading UK processor specialising in the mechanical surface finishing of textile materials. Applications of our services are universal from high street to high seas, velours, fleeces and thermals, fashion chic to technical performance.

Gateway Finishers, fabric and textile finishers

Gateway Finishers was set up more than 10 years ago to fulfill the need for an independent commission finisher to the knitting, dyeing and textile manufacturing industries. Highly skilled with many years of fabric and textile specialist finishing knowledge, we are used to working confidentially with our clients to develop and deliver their projects. Located in the East Midlands, heart of the knitting industry, Gateway is ideally placed to service business that requires a rapid turnaround time and welcomes opportunities to tender for this type of work.

Specialist Textile Finishing Processes

We specialise in the following finishing processes that are suitable for a wide variety of textile applications and are used to add value to your finished textiles:

What applications exist for these processes

The following list identifies some of the common applications for these processes. It is not an exhaustive list. If you are considering processing your own textiles then please call Howard Green on 0115 975 7581 for help in understanding how these processes can be used.

  • Fashion Apparel:  Fleeces, velours and thermal underwear
  • Technical Apparel:  Sports base layers, flame retardant material, antipill fabric and fleeces
  • Medical end uses:  Podiatory products like corn plasters and post operation swabs
  • Furnishing Fabrics:  Stretch covers, faux suede wall coverings and crushed velour ‘conference’ table cloths

Sourcing Knitted Textiles from within the UK

In addition to providing the services outlined above we source knitted textiles from UK manufacturers on behalf of our clients.

 Our considerable combined experience has provided us with wide ranging contacts in this sector and we are able to identify and provide a suitable match for your textile requirements.

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January 27th 2011 |

Cropping & Shearing Specialists

s4Gateway Textile Finishers are cropping and shearing specialists being one of very few companies still to offer this service in the UK. The majority of this work is now done overseas but while prices can be low there are significant disadvantages to outsourcing the work overseas.

Most overseas companies will require large orders and will need long lead times to produce the material whereas Gateway are able to services smaller orders with a much spee...

January 27th 2011 |