Fabrics manufactured

We can apply a  suede finish to fabrics, ranging from a delicate peachskin effect to a simulated velour with our 210 cms wide sueding/emerising machine.Our cropping/shearing machine can produce a vast array of velours and antipil finishes to synthetic and non synthetic fabrics.The brushing machines produce various brush finishes from hi-tec fleeces,sweatshirt,polar fleece,thermal fabrics of various fibres,warm soft handle to single jersey,interlock etc. through to filtration piled fabrics.

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Gateway Finishers Nottingham Factory

Textile Finishing in Nottingham

Gateway has been finishing fabrics with a variety of processes in their Nottingham based factory for 10 years. The factory is equipped with machinery to enable the brushing, sueding and cropping of most types of textile materials.

Commission brushing, sueding and cropping

Gateway are well equipped to provide commission brushing, cropping or sueding work that requires a quick turnaround. Director Howard Green says “Being UK based means that we can turn projects around much quicker than our overseas competitors giving us the edge for this type of work.”

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Cropping & Shearing Specialists

Commission cropping and shearingGateway Textile Finishers are cropping and shearing specialists being one of very few companies still to offer this service in the UK. The majority of this work is now done overseas but while prices can be low there are significant disadvantages to outsourcing the work overseas.

Most overseas companies will require large orders and will need long lead times to produce the material whereas Gateway are able to services smaller orders with a much speedier turnaround time.

To find out more about how Gateway can help you call Howard Green on 0115 975 7581.

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