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Sueding / Emerising to achieve a superior fabric finish

Suede Fabric

Suede is a type of leather that is made from the under side of the skin which has a naturally napped or raised finish. Although less durable than leather suede is valued due to it’s soft texture and is ideally suited for products that are in contact with the skin.

The benefits of Sueding or Emerising Fabric Materials

The sueding or emerising process aims to recreate the natural suede feel using other materials, making them ideal for certain clothing applications such as ladies bras, shoes and childrenswear. The process involves is also used to make upholstery, table and wall coverings with a suede feel to create a really luxurious effect for selected homeware. Fabrics that are treated in this way will have increased liquid, crushing and stain resistance, and are likely to appeal to consumers who prefer a non-animal product. Gateway are able to offer you a commission sueding / emerising service and would be happy to discuss your projects in confidence. Please call Howard on 0115 975 7581

Determining Fabric Softness

We are all very familiar with the term “Softness” when applied to textile materials but attempting to measure the attributes of a material that contribute to it’s perceived softness is more difficult. Softness is one of the primitive terms describing the physical and sensory attributes of fabric. Factors like the surface friction and the compressibility combine to deliver the feeling of softness when touching that material. Sueding and emerising is an easy way to affect these factors to deliver a material that feels really soft to the touch.

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January 27th 2011 |

Cropping & Shearing Specialists

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January 27th 2011 |